Large Polishers Uchiko Ball


Large Polishers Uchiko Ball


This is the best Uchiko from Japan available. It is made using only very fine powder from the one and only supplier of uchigumori. In general it is used for cleaning oil from your sword however it should be used sparingly.

Excessive use will cause harm! It’s not to be used on a daily or even an monthly basis. It is not needed on a blade in polish. Uchiko is an abrasive, with each use whether you can see it or not, it is causing some modification to the polish.

Rather than using uchiko please consider using a micro cloth as offered on our site. It performs everything uchiko will. With using the microcloth you’ve done nothing other than remove any old oil or accumulated dust. No harm can be done.

Uchiko with no stick, no box.


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