Basic Sword Maintenance Kit



Our basic kit is produced in Japan, from the finest quality materials.

This basic sword kit comes with the following items:

One large white uchiko ball*

Small bottle of choji oil – 20 cc

Oil application container

Mekugi-nuki / Brass hammer

Cleaning cloth

*The powder contained within is from Uchigumori stones produced during the polishing process, we do not recommend its use on blades in good to excellent polish!!!

We only recommend sword kits made in Japan. Please avoid buying kits on eBay as they are Chinese made products.

Clove oil is used traditionally for oiling of Japanese swords / nihonto. You can however use it for scissors, knives, basically all metal tools. A light coat will protect your Japanese sword or other metal tools from rusting. Application is only needed 1-2 times a year depending on your climate you should adjust accordingly.

Periodically you may want to wipe your sword clean of layers of oil with 91 or higher isopropyl alcohol. Apply a small amount to a generic kleenex with no additives, wipe your sword (habaki upwards), view your sword, re-oil lightly before putting it away. You can buy this at your local pharmacy, or grocery store. You can also buy it larger quantity for lesser cost at costco or sam’s club.


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