Recommended books, videos and Free references

Suggested are some items below with informational references of nihonto and tosogu.

The four below are a great start for the basics. All offer a valuable insight.
  • Encyclopedia of Nihon-to by Markus Sesko – I suggest that you buy this Encyclopedia along with any of the following three…
    • The Art of the Japanese Sword The Craft of Swordmaking and its Appreciation. By Yoshindo Yoshihara sensei & Leon Knapp
    • The Samurai Sword A Handbook by John Yumoto
    • The Sword of Japan by John Bott a co-founder of Nihonto study group (Japanese Sword Society of Southern California (Nanka Token Kai), great view point from a collector.


See other valuable books/references by…
  • Markus Sesko, related to nihonto, tosogu and related topics. Follow his website to be notified of his new articles. Look for his index of sword smiths! His book website is hosted on


Books, for more advanced study:


  • 4k Katana project – Yoshindo Yoshihara sensei – this link will take you to the Amazon JP for a reference, however we have these on hand. Contact us if interested.
  • Art of the Japanese Sword – option 1 purchase DVD, – option 2 Amazon Digital download / rent
Free books / references / glossaries online:
  • comprehensive glossary, free and searchable.
  • Study of Japanese Sword: Chronological Study of Japanese Swords and Japanese History
  • See the “Related links” button below for extensive links for additional useful references and resources.
Japanese sword related videos (no cost):