Kaneie, Signed & Dated, Circa 1315 A.D., Kamakura

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Signed & Dated, Circa 1315 A.D.


Juyo token by the NBTHK

Jūyō-tōken at the 34th jūyō shinsa held on April 14, 1988

tachi, mei: Bishū Osafune-jū Kaneie – Shōwa yonen jūnigatsu hi (備州長船住包家・正和二二年十二月日) – “Kaneie, resident of Osafune in Bizen province, on a day in the twelfth month of Shōwa four (1315)”

Tōkyō, Tanaka Teruo (田中輝夫)


nagasa 64.2 cm, sori 1.4 cm, motohaba 2.9 cm, sakihaba 1.6 cm, kissaki-nagasa 2.4 cm, nakago-nagasa 17.9 cm, nakago-sori 0.2 cm


Keijō: shinogi-zukuri, iori-mune, relatively slender mihaba, rather deep sori, ko-kissaki

Kitae: itame that is mixed with mokume and some nagare and that features ji-nie and a faint utsuri

Hamon: suguha-chō in ko-nie-deki that is mixed with ko-gunome and ashi

Bōshi: sugu with a ko-maru-kaeri

Nakago: ubu, kurijiri, the yasurime are indiscernible, three mekugi-ana, the haki-omote side bears towards the back of the tang a naga-mei and the ura side an identically positioned date


The meikan list two Kaneie (包家), one being associated with the Fukuoka-Ichimonji, and one with the Osafune School, and for the latter, dates works from Shōwa four (正和, 1315), the Bunna era (文和, 1352–1356), Eiwa four (永和, 1378), and from the Eishō era (永正, 1504–1521) are referenced. This makes the blade introduced here the earliest dated work of Osafune Kaneie in existence. Details about Kaneie are unclear, but we can say with certainty that he was a smith of the Osafune School.

This blade shows an itame that is mixed with some nagare and that features a faint utsuri. The hamon is a suguha-chō in ko-nie-deki and is mixed with ko-gunome and ashi. Such an interpretation is often seen with contemporary Osafune School works. The date of the Shōwa era makes this blade a very valuable reference.

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