Shipping to Us

How to Safely Pack Your Sword ( or other items) for shipment:
(A) A suitable container; i.e.: appropriate size and durability (we can recommend suitable containers, please call or email for assistance).

  1. Do not use cardboard tubes (these can collapse very easily and damage your contents)
  2. Do not use box less than 6 x 6 x 48″ (length can adjust for length of sword).

(B) You must provide adequate insulation to cushion the item and protect it from handling  while in transit (allow for minimum of 4-5 inches of insulation between top and bottom of box for a crumple zone). Newspaper is usually the most convenient packing material available. Wrap your item heavily in the newspaper and then crumple and place paper on all six sides (top, bottom and sides). The object being to insulate it from the exterior walls of the container.

Services available for shipping:
US Postal Service

Should you choose the US Postal Service, I would recommend Express or Registered Air Mail and that you request a return receipt. Postal regulations require registered packages to be wrapped in brown paper and taped with brown paper tape. Again do not mention the word ANTIQUE. Contact your local Postal Office for detailed instructions.

How to Insure Your Sword (or item). Please do not ship anything that is not adequately insured!!!!!!!!!! Generally a carrier will provide you with the first one-hundred dollars of insurance free if an express service is utilized. Actual cost of insurance may vary depending on where ship to and from. USPS insurance is the most friendly for claims. Please keep in mind that FedEx & UPS are not so reliable with insurance claims on antiques.

If you have any questions, please Contact us for assistance.

You may ask for our physical address if necessary but shipping to our PO Box is generally best.