Kojima Kanemichi, WW II Naval Officer’s sword

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Kai-Gunto by Kojima Kanemichi

With very desirable WWII Naval Officer’s fittings

This is a machine made gunto by a very good smith signed- Kojima Kanemichi, saku (showa stamp), dated- showa 16th year, 2nd month (1941 Feb). There are no kizu. This is an oil tempered gunto. With very desirable WW II Naval Officer’s fittings, 100 % original with tassel. The approx measurements are: Nagasa (cutting edge length) 26 3/16 ” ~ 66.5 cm, Sori (curve) 5 bu, Motohaba (width) 1 3/16″ ~ 3 cm. Kanemichi was famous for being a leader of contemporary sword smiths and had brought up his fellow pupils, younger brother Kanenori, his son Kanetoki and grandson 2nd Kanemichi. His real name is Kojima Tokijiro, born in July 35th year (1902) of Meiji, lived in Seki city. Kanemichi was a highly rated smith of both Gendaito and Gunto. Early on he signed with the name Kanetoki. He was a Rikugun Jumei Tosho (teacher) and had many students and has won awards in sword competitions.

Left: Martial arts master and cutting tester, Mr. Nakayama Hakudo.
Right: swordsmith KANEMICHI .(former swordsmith name was Kanetoki).

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