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Extremely Rare WWII Japanese Army General Officer's Tassel in the correct colors for General Grade, in excellent condition. It is quite evident that this tassel was carried and used by a very high ranking general who saw very little "in theater" combat.

The three gold lines of threads are in excellent condition, no stains, no frays, 99.9% perfect. Only one thread has an insignificant blemish. The tassel measures 20" overall. We have seen less than 15 of these tassels in the last 40+ years of collecting. This is guaranteed to be a true generalís tassel... General Grade Tassels are nearly impossible to find today and will get harder to find as years go by.




red/gold tassels for general grade officers


red/brown by field grade officers (majors and colonels)



blue/brown tassels were used by company grade officers (lieutenants and captains)


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