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The dai (large) blade is illustrated in Shinto Taikan. Shinto Taikan by Iimura Kasho is one of the most important books and is a must for the advanced / serious collector. Out of all the Shinkai blades available in Japan,  this sword was selected as being the finest example... to Iimura sama who had access to the majority of Shinkai blades in Japan. It is an exceptional and rare honor to be  bestowed on this sword. 

These are an exceptionally rare set of fittings that are authentic and certified Tokubetsu Hozon by N.B.T.H.K. They were made by Goto Renjo, who was one of the first and foremost Goto masters during the mid 1600s. He became the 10th gen. mainline Goto master in 1652;  he was the last connection between the original Kyoto mainline school and the later Edo school which did not keep to the classic style of the family art. Renjo lived in Kyoto for the last 25 years of his life where he died in 1708. Certified fittings of this age in this condition are seldom if ever seen for sale. It is truly one of the rarest daisho that any one has offered.







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