Yasutsugu Wakizashi

 with 2 BODY CUTTING TEST by Nagahisa

sayagaki by tanobe sensei of the nbthk




~ Sayagaki translation ~

Musashi no kuni (Edo) 3rd Generation Yasutsugu

Hollyhock crest - Long name

In Kanbun 4 (1664) August, Yamano Kaemon Nagahisa performed cutting test of this blades

sharpness, cutting two bodies engravings of Kinzogan. Hamon - Gonome, Excellent workmanship.

One of his best swords - beautiful sword.

Blade length 1 shaku, 5 sun, 6 bu (a little bit less - jyaku)

Date of Sayagaki: Heisei 20 (2008) Late August

By: Tanzan (Tanobe Michihiro)

[Tanobe Sensei is Senior Manager of N.B.T.H.K. [now retired]  Tokyo, Japan]

Kakihan (Examined and recorded)



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