Ichimonji* ~ Dewa (no) Kami ~ Yukihiro Wakizashi, 1st Gen. (Shodai)

Made in Shinto period approx 1663-1664 AD

With rare 2 & 3 Body Cutting Test by Yamano Nagahisa in 1664 AD.

NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Certificate

Saya-gaki by Murakami Kousuke



This is a very fine wakizashi by 1st Generation (shodai) Hizen Yukihiro, born 1617. His first known sword was made in 1639. He was granted the title "Dewa (no) Kami" in 1663, attesting that this blade was made in approx 1663-1664. *This blade bears the Ichi character, therefore it is considered to have been made borrowing techniques of the Ichimonji school. In August of 1664 a two body and three body cutting test were done by Yamano Nagahisa. The approx cutting edge length (nagasa) is 55.75 cm ~ 22". 1 shaku, 8 sun, 4 bu, 5 rin.

In his family ranks were Shodai Hizen Masahiro (his older brother by approx 11 years), his father Yoshinobu (adopted), and his grandfather Shodai Hizen Tadayoshi. Yukihiro is ranked "wazamono" for a high degree of sharpness in his swords, Fujishiro rates him at "Jo-saku" superior made, Toko Taikan rates him a 550 man yen and Hawley's rated him at 90 points. Yukihiro was known to sign his katana with tachi-mei, and his wakizashi with katana-mei (sashi-omote).

At the end of his career, he was serving under Nabeshima Sakyo in the town of Nagase, he passed away at the age of 66 in 1683. His line continued into later generations as far as the 1900's.

This wakizashi is certified by the NBTHK as Tokubetsu Hozon "Extraordinarily Worthy of Preservation".

 , motohaba (width) _______ and  sori (curvature) ________

Signature (mei) Translation :

Ichimonji Dewa No Kami Yuki Hiro


Translation of Kinzogan mei:

Yamano (Family name) Kauemon (his first name of cutter), 67 Sai (67 age) Naga Hisa (given name) Kao

Kanbun 4 year (1664) Hachigatsu (August) 28 Nichi (date of 28th)

Futatsu Dou (two body) Mitsu Dou (three body) Sai Dan (cut)


NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon certificate



This is the most common region cut for multiple body cutting tests.

This shows example how two bodies were stacked before the cutting test - a third body would be added in the same manner.

And the above image depicts the result.





Solid silver habaki



Sayagaki translation:

Hizen koku (the country of Hizen) Ichimonji Dewa no kami Yukihiro (Ichimonji is the word that Yukihiro used only for his good swords)

Hachou (the length of sword) 1 syaku 8 Sun 4 Bu 5 RIn

Ari No (there is 1 syaku 8 sun 4 bu 5 rin)

Kanbun 4 year Yamano Saidan Zougan Mei Iri Nari (there is Saidan Mei of Yamano)

Showa 46 year Yayoi (March)

剣掃 (Ken Sou) is the another name for Murakami Kousuke.

Murakami Kousuke is one of a famous Japanese sword student lived at Syowa period. He published many Japanese sword books and he also made his certification paper.


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