The Yanagawa school was founded by Yanagawa Naomasa who was a pupil of Yokoya Somin. Naomasa is one of the Greatest craftsman of Yanagawa school. This school became famous due to the reputation of master craftsmen: the founder "Naomasa", students "Naomitsu" and "Naoharu".

Iron tsuba is signed but illegible, Iron with Bamboo shoots and opposite side with clouds and stream. Fuchi/Kashira signed by Yanagawa Naomasa, the menuki are very possibly by the same smith- Rooster theme- no damage what so ever.

The blade has wonderful Midare Hamon very active with Sunagashi and masame Hada. There are no kizu or other flaws. *The signature is not guaranteed, neither the blade or fittings have been submitted to shinza.

Approximate measurements:  Cutting edge length: (Nagasa)  18 3/8 ~ 46.67 cm, Curvature (Sori):  3/8 ~ 0.95 cm, Width (Motohaba): 1 1/8" ~ 2.85 cm



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