A Koto Kaneyoshi wakizashi

w/ mid - late Edo period ribbed same' & ireko saya

"Highly preserved in excellent condition"

nthk certificates (blade / koshirae)


Swordsmith: Seki Kaneyoshi (関兼吉)

Period: Mino province, around Eiroku (永禄, 1558-1570)


Approx measurements: Nagasa (cutting edge length):   49.4 cm;   Sori (curvature): 1 cm;   Motohaba (width): 2.8 cm   

Hada: Itame that is mixed with o-itame, mokume, and nagare in places. With some scattered larger mokume      

Hamon: Nie-laden suguha-cho that features kinsuji and sunagashi.       

Boshi: sugu with a ko-maru-kaeri

Nakago: Suriage, 4 Mekugi-ana

Signature: Kaneyoshi (兼吉)

Koshirae: Saya is ribbed same' with an inner removable saya called, ireko saya. It is very rare to find an intact and virtually undamaged high quality piece this old. The Koshirae is from Mid to late Edo overall. The fuchi-kashira and kojiri are done in style of Omori school. Ireko-saya is made for higher quality koshirae /blades to keep the inside clear of foreign debris. Guchi is buffalo horn with the inscription Manju (万寿) meaning "longevity". The koshirae is mounted on tsunagi (wooden blade). Please observe that the wooden habaki on tsunagi that has been tastefully preserved with a delicately form fitted piece of ivory. The shirasaya was professionally cleaned after photos were taken.

Kozuka mei: Chishōken Tomoshige horu (稚梥軒友茂鐫) – “Carved by Chishōken Tomoshige”


Certificates: NTHK kanteisho blade / koshirae, submitted at the Tampa sword show, February 2019. See certificates/translations and worksheet images below.

  Included: Shirasaya, carry bags


NTHK Certificates & translation's

Kantei-sho (鑑定書) – Appraisal

Seki Kaneyoshi (関兼吉)

Shōshin (正真) – Authentic
nagasa 1 shaku 6 sun 2 bu han kore ari (長さ壱尺六寸弐分半有之) – Blade length ~ 49.4 cm

Heisei 31 nen 3 gatsu 1 nichi (平成三十一年三月一日) – March 1, 2019

Nihon Tōken Hozon Kai (日本刀剣保存会) – NTHK



No 18680
meibun (銘文) – Signature: Kaneyoshi (兼吉)

kitae (鍛) – Forging: itame

hamon (刃紋) – Hardening: suguha

bōshi (鋩子) – Hardening in tip: sugu with a ko-maru-kaeri

chōkoku (彫刻) – Engravings:

nakago (中心) – Tang: mekugi-ana (目釘穴) 4, yasurime (鑢): takanoha

bikō (備考) – Remarks: Mino province, around Eiroku (永禄, 1558-1570)

shinsa’in natsu’in (審査員捺印) – Seals of Judges: 4 seals

Koshirae certificate

Kantei-sho (鑑定書) – Appraisal

Kuro togidashi-kizamizaya wakizashi-koshirae (黒研出鮫鞘脇指拵) – Wakizashi-
koshirae featuring a ribbed black-lacquer polished same scabbard

Shōshin (正真) – Authentic

Heisei 31 nen 3 gatsu 1 nichi (平成 三十一年三月一日) – March 1, 2019

Nihon Tōken Hozon Kai (日本刀剣保存会) – NTHK



No 6100
meibun (銘文) – Signature:

tsukurikomi (造り込み) – Shape:
shitaji (下地) – Foundation:

zugara (図柄) – Motif:
hori (彫り) – Carvings:

sunpō (寸法) – Measurements: overall length 69.8 cm

koshirae (拵え) – Mounting: Hilt: covered with white same and wrapped kata-hinerimaki

style with brown braid
Fuchigashira: mumei, shibuichi, wave design
Menuki: mumei, suaka, depicting crawling dragons
Tsuba: signed “Manju” (万寿), of water buffalo horn
Kozuka: signed “Suishōken Tomoshige horu” (推松軒友茂鐫, “carved by Suishōken Tomoshige”), shakudō, depicting crawling dragon
Saya: ribbed black-lacquer polished same scabbard

bikō (備考) – Remarks: late Edo period

shinsa’in natsu’in (審査員捺印) – Seals of Judges: 2 seals

torokusho [license]

torokusho translation


Firearm and Sword Possession Control Law Registration (Tōrokushō)

Ōsaka, No. 87352

Blade category:                 wakizashi

Nagasa:                               49.4 cm

Sori:                                       1.0 cm

No. of mekugi-ana:        4

Signature omote:             Kaneyoshi (兼吉)

Signature ura:                   none

Issued by Ōsaka Prefectural Board of Education on March 23, 1979

[Red stamp: Toku () (for Tokubetsu Kichō)]

[Handwritten note next to Toku stamp: 1 shaku 6 sun 3 bu = 49.4 cm]



Kozuka Translation

Chishōken Tomoshige horu (稚梥軒友茂鐫) – “Carved by Chishōken Tomoshige”


tsunagi translation

兼吉 穴四


Kaneyoshi ana yottsu

1 shaku 6 sun 3 bu

Kaneyoshi, four mekugi-ana

[nagasa] 49.4 cm


preservation/repair of wooden habaki



guchi translation

Manju (万寿) – lit. “longevity”





Signature (mei) Translation :

Kaneyoshi (兼吉)



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