Ategi-Zuchi kit (disassembly tools)

"Guaranteed lifetime replacement"*


Handmade wooden hammer and block for removing the handles of Japanese swords. The hammer has a Cherry wood handle and will come with a Bocote (darker) or Bubunga hardwood of which the head is pinned and glued. The handle is twisted for optimum grip and perfect alignment. The block is made from Bubinga. Made by Matt Pepin.

$80.00 plus shipping

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 Each Hammer set includes a "Guaranteed lifetime (one-time) replacement against breakage" to the
original purchaser ~ on hammer head, handle and or block*. All you pay is shipping.
*Abuse or misuse would not be included in the Guarantee.

 designs are  Matt Pepin 2004-2017

Bocote                                                                                                       Bubinga


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