NOTE: If you have a Japanese sword in your possession the proper care is of the
utmost importance.

1. Make certain the blade is never touched with the fingers. Due to the acidity
of the finger tip secretion, you may leave an indelible stain that would require
the blade to be re-polished. Current cost of polishing is approximately $110.00
per inch.

2. The blade should be dept free of foreign particles. This can be accomplished
by wiping it with a clean cloth and UCHIKO (sword powder), if available.

3. If sword oil is not available, the use of pure mineral oil is highly
recommended. This should be renewed at least every four (4) months.

4. Never allow anyone who is inexperienced in the proper methods of handling a
sword to do so. Should it be accidentally dropped, serious damage may also be
incurred by the handler.

5. Never attempt to remove the fittings from the handle, this will render
damaged lacing. To place different fittings under the lacing, the handle has to
be re-wrapped. Once the lacing is removed it cannot be reused.

6. Be careful to only remove the blade from the scabbard with the cutting edge
up. Removing it any other way could scratch or damage the blade.

These facts are but the bare necessities in sword handling. It should be
remembered that if you are fortunate enough to possess a NIHON TO (Japanese
sword), of artistic value, that 200 years from now no one will know by whom the
sword was preserved. The important thing is that it will have been preserved for
future generations to enjoy and marvel at as did we. Thus, the function of the
collector will have been fulfilled.

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